Milfresh Gold

Skimmed Vending Milk

We recommend that you only use Milfresh Gold granulated skimmed milk in your coffee machine. It’s the leading product when it comes to providing consistency and quality time after time. It is a 100% skimmed milk product, containing nothing but 100% skimmed milk, no nasties, no chemicals and it’s HVO free.

What is Milfresh Gold?

Milfresh Gold is a granulated skimmed milk product. It is especially designed and formulated for us in our coffee machines, it contains nothing but 100% skimmed milk, that means there’s no nasty chemicals and it is as good as using fresh milk.

Milfresh Gold is the real market leader when it comes to offering the best product available for your coffee machine. Using Milfresh Gold eliminates the hygiene issues associated with fresh milk, reduces wastage issues, reduces the storage space required, and we provide it with a 12-18 month shelf life meaning you should never run out when the craving strikes for a frothy cappuccino.

No Nasties, Ever!

Milfresh Gold contains nothing but 100% skimmed milk in it’s ingredients list. Milfresh Gold contains no chemicals, preservatives or HVO’s. It is a virtually fat free product offering an excellent shelf life. It products high quality drinks with consistency guaranteed time after time.

It’s the only product we encourage our customers use in their tabletop coffee machines.

Sounds Great – Let’s Order

Milfresh Gold is available in individually resealable bags from our wholesale ingredient team. A case of Milfresh Gold contains 10 x 500g bags with a shelf life of around 12-18 months. The gram throw needed for a 9oz coffee is 4g of Milfresh, for a 9oz cappuccino or latte we recommend 10g of Milfresh Gold and for tea we recommend just 0.5g of Milfresh Gold.

Our price is one of the lowest available due to the volumes we sell. Call our dedicated ingredients team on 01773 252052 or buy from our dedicated Vending Superstore ingredients website.