Palma B

Can & Bottle Cold Drinks Vending Machine

This attractive can and bottle machine offers complete flexibility in terms of size and configuration. The latest technology is utilised and the versatile extraction system ensures cans, glass and PET bottles can be vended.

The Palma B

The highly attractive front of the Palma B improves its visibility and attracts the attention of consumers, boosting impulse purchases.

Its classic selection system is intuitive and easily used by potential clients. In addition, the back-lit advertising panel can better promotes the product and brand.

Palma B soft-drink vending machines are specifically orientated towards public locations where security is a key factor in guaranteeing the profitability of the service.

The Palma B series is equipped with a high security door with three anchorage points, an anti-leverage system and anti-vandal steel buttons.

Palma B

The Palma B Can & Bottle vending machine is available in 2 different models.

Palma B5

The Palma B5 is a bottle or can vending machine offering 5 selections. The Palma B5 is ideal for smaller spaces. Capacity for 300 330ml cans or 150 500ml bottles

Palma B6

The Palma B6 has a large product capacity and 6 different selections. Capacity for 507 330ml cans or 216 500ml bottles plus 75 cans.

Technical Specification

Palma B5: Height: 1830 mm Width: 725 mm Depth: 620 mm Weight: 227 kg
Palma B6: Height: 1830 mm Width: 889 mm Depth: 882 mm Weight: 340kg
Electrical: Voltage – 230Vac, 13A Single Phase · Frequency – 50Hz