Melodia Classic

Snacks & Cold Drinks Vending Machine

The Melodia Classic snack machine is a combination machine allowing you to vend a variety of different snacks, confectionery as well as cold drink bottles & cans. The Melodia Classic is a flexible machine that can be configured to vend different products.

Melodia Classic

The Melodia Classic is a glass fronted snack/cold drinks vending machine. The Melodia Classic vending machine is configurable to vend a variety of different items. In its default state the Melodia Classic vends snacks, confectionery, bottles and cans.

The Melodia Classic can be configured to vend most things, and not just snacks! The Melodia Classic offers flexibility for programming product capacity and distribution.

The Melodia Classic is slim in size, wide in choice.

Guaranteed Vend System – The guaranteed vend system ensures a product is vended every time or your money back.
Environmental Benefits – The Melodia Classic is A++ energy rated.


The Melodia Classic by default comes with 6 Shelves.
2 Shelves for crisps/bagged snacks, giving 6 selections total
1 Shelve for confectionery, 6 selections total
2 Shelves for bottled drinks or cans, each with 6 selections giving 12 selections total.
1 Shelve for canned drinks, giving 6 selections total.

Technical Specification

Dimensions: 1700mm Height, 870mm Depth, 713mm Width, 200kg Weight
Electrical: Voltage – 230Vac, 13A Single Phase · Frequency – 50Hz